Internet Marketing Tips | Spreading Yourself Out Too Thin

Internet Marketing Tips:

Hey what’s going a guys this is Johnny here, and today I wanna give you a few internet marketing tips to help you build a successful business online. And the key word there is A… building A successful business online.

Now I think that this is something that many people struggle with in the beginning when they turn to the internet to build a business, is that they are trying to do too many things at once.

I know for myself, when I first got started, there were several things, several passions that I wanted to pursue. If you don’t already know, I’m a car nut, and so I wanted to start a blog about cars and then find a way to monetize it. Also, I was passionate about exercise, and so I wanted to make money online by selling fitness products and programs… and I always loved computers and I was fascinated by internet marketing and being able to build a business using a home computer…. And so these were all things that I was super excited about… but as I was trying to build these businesses up, I found myself getting tired, burnt out and overwhelmed, and I could never get traction with anything.

And so I ended up quitting altogether for some time. Because I was sick of it, and so I just gave up.

Eventually, I got back into the game… but now, I decided to pick one thing, just ONE thing, and run with it. And that’s one of the most powerful internet marketing tips that I can offer you… don’t spread yourself out too thin.

And I obviously decided to go for the home business niche, and it is seriously starting to pay off… now, whatever niche you decide to go after, you have to just go after that one thing. You know I had someone message me a while back asking for some internet marketing tips, and he was literally trying to build up 3 niches at once, just like I did in the beginning. And so I just told him, dude you’re spreading yourself out too thin. Pick ONE thing, put the rest on the backburner for now, and just focus on building that one business.

Cuz our brains aren’t really wired to learn piles of new things simultaneously… we learn much better by taking it one thing at a time. And so after you’ve chosen your ONE business model, then you’re gonna need to give it your 110% and just build that one business. And if you do decide that you still wanna enter those other niches in the future, there’s nothing wrong with that, however, focus on building that one business into a 6 or multiple 6 figure income, or whatever it is that you’re shooting for, and THEN you can start thinking about entering a second niche.

So did you get value from today’s internet marketing tips? If so, then I wanna invite you to sign up for my free marketing bootcamp where I’m gonna walk you through, step by step, how to set up your own business online and make it profitable. So with that being said, head over to my website and sign up for that, and I’ll see ya in the next episode.

Internet Marketing Tips | Spreading Yourself Out Too Thin:

VIDEO: Internet Marketing Tips | Spreading Yourself Out Too Thin

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