BardzoMedia – FREE Internet Marketing Tip … to help you make money online

This is another 6CIMA Power Blitz video giving free advice and tips for advertisers, bloggers and marketers.

And the topic for this video is … BardzoMedia.

BardzoMedia is a global focused advertising network.
Banner ads are targeted and optimized, then delivered at a “net share of 70% for all web traffic”.

BardzoMedia offer a variety of banner ad types.
Tracking is conducted on a real-time basis.
Different payment methods are available.

Since its inception in 2005, BardzoMedia has developed an affordable, scalable and technologically advanced set-up.
Each member of the team at BardzoMedia is educated and experienced.

BardzoMedia prides itself in assessing Advertisers and Publishers on an individual basis.
The company recognises uniqueness and customizes solutions accordingly.

As with recent 6CIMA posts on the topics of AdEngage, Adfish, adMarketplace,,, ADXDirect and Banner Space –
BardzoMedia may be explored from the viewpoint of an Advertiser/Marketer and/or the viewpoint of a Publisher.

From the viewpoint of an Advertiser/Marketer:
BardzoMedia Ad Network enables both Direct and Brand Advertisers the opportunity to secure cost-effective internet-based media in a global marketplace.

BardzoMedia claim to possess “one of the fastest growing ad networks on the internet”.
This places BardzoMedia in the position of being able to offer solutions based on any a range of metrics, thus optimizing a campaigns for Advertisers/Marketers.

Currently, BardzoMedia deliver in excess of 600 million ads per month.
Clients vary from niche Direct Marketers through to Major Brands (e.g. GM).

Advertisers/Marketers can design power campaigns around specific goals (e.g. increase brand awareness, maximize ROI, specific metric goals, etc.).
Campaigns may also be developed focused around goals that are a combination of these examples.

From the viewpoint of a Publisher:
BardzoMedia is committed to “monetizing our Publishers’ inventory at every level and geography of the serving impression”.

BardzoMedia offer a range of pre-defined psychographic interest channels including, but not limited to, the following:
• Business/Finance
• Dating & Social Networking
• Family, Home & Wealth
• Shopping & Retail
• Travel & Leisure

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