BidVertiser – FREE Internet Marketing Tip … to help you make money online

This is another 6CIMA Power Blitz video giving free advice and tips for advertisers, bloggers and marketers.

And the topic for this video is … BidVertiser

BidVertizer is an online advertising agency offering website-targeted pay-per-click (PPC) text ads and image ads.

Founded in 2003, BidVertizer allows Advertisers to choose a subset of websites to display adverts.

This successful technique is achieved by requesting both Advertisers and Publishers to identify categories for their adverts and websites respectively. This ensures that an ad is only displayed on topic-relevant websites.

BidVertizer are essentially merging the Advertising and Publishing services into a single user-friendly set-up.

This is a major distinguishing factor from the structures used by other agencies, companies and platforms such as AdEngage, Adfish, adMarketplace,,, ADXDirect, Banner Space, BardzoMedia and Batanga.

The BidVertiser set-up aims to give Advertisers complete control of their PPC ad campaigns by placing ads directly on website categories that have been specified by the Advertisers.

Every website subset is listed, including the number of websites available.

Advertisers employ geo-targeting via selecting countries whereby ads will be displayed.
The ads served are operated under the PPC advertising model.

Monitoring and reporting results are available to examine the performance of each ad campaign.

Data are derived with respect to ad expenditure, clicks and click-through rate, and impressions.

Tracking assists Advertisers to analyze the performance of an ad campaign by examining leas generated, and clicks that convert to sales.

These figures are used to calculate ROI.

As is industry standard, BidVertiser permits Advertisers to indicate the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a single click.

Over and above this, auto-bidding is in place to adjust cost per click to {videoDescription}.01 above the nearest competitor to ensure maximum exposure for the ad.

Publishers are able to sell their ad spaces automatically to the highest bidder.

The agreed contract price for an ad price is typically determined by traffic generated by the Publisher’s blog/website.

Publishers are paid for every click on an ad displayed on their blogs/websites.

As indicated above, Publishers categorize their websites so that ads appearing are niche-relevant.

BidVertiser is an attractive alternative ad platform for Newbies because it offers a minimum payment barrier of a mere US.
Generally, aged and/or unused ads are deleted.

Publishers can view Advertiser websites and image ads and are free to decline any ads that are deemed inappropriate.

As with the reporting for Advertisers, Publishers can view performance figures for each ad campaign.

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