Maria Serbina speaks about online Marketing in St. George UT: Tips Getting on 1st page of Google

J – I am here with Maria Serbina, international marketing coach and social influence online strategist, speaker and Amazon best-selling author.

M – Josh, I’m often asked, how to go about getting my business on the first page of google on a shoe string budget.

M – statistics show while 81% of consumer conduct an online search before buying 52% of small businesses don’t have a website. The reality is if consumers can’t find your business in 3 seconds your business doesn’t exist.

M – Creating the right online strategy can be challenging and overwhelming because lots of small business owner don’t have a marketing department. Finding an expert who can help entrepreneurs create the right strategy and make their business findable on google can feel like a tough search. But there are few things that local business owners can do on their own.

Afew easy tips to getting your business on a local google map:

Tip#1. You have to have Gmail account and create a google plus personal profile going to

Tip # 2. After you created your personal profile you have to create your google plus business page

Tip # 3. Encourage your customers and clients to write google reviews. Offer them small appreciation gift for spensing their time doing it.

These 3 tips are imperative in getting your business on google in local search. And I have a free gift for you. It’s a step by step guide on how to use google plus. simply go to this website and sign on.

M. Josh my expertise comes from my education and the school of hard knocks this is why so passionate about online marketing. For those of you who wants to learn more about how to create expert and celebrity status for local businesses Visit our website at .
Guys, if you are serious to bring your business to a new level and achieve success call me today at 435-414-9747 or email me at I will be more than happy to help you.

j – Thank you Maria wow those are some very valuable tips. Listen I strongly recommend you go to maria’s website to get more information and stay connected.
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